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Kyoso, you really ought to stop smoking... |D 

Halcyon Harbor - Moonlight Meditation by AaronAsher
Ohhh Ira... why do you exist in my brain... e.o;

Southern Wasteland - The Warmonger's Foundry by AaronAsher
Another snazzier work I uploaded a while back on AaronAsher...

Kyoso Fumei, A Real Card by AaronAsher
So...I'm a little tired of my closet looking like a war zone mixed with a cyclone and figured it was time to whittle down on what I own... apart from old clothes that could use a new home, worn-out shoes that need the boot, and sundry toys and plushies that need more sunlight...I figured some of my old Zoid models might be fair game to anyone else who could possibly use them. I also have a crudload of kitbashable odds and ends I might just sell as-is for anyone interested...some are from tiny models like Gatordus, others from monsters like Gordosaur and so on. Much of the collection has been altered or painted in some way, so little to nothing is mint. A lot of the spare bits would be purely for replacement or scrap.

The main issue I have with selling these things is shipping. I originally figured I could send tiny things fairly cheap, but their irregular size usually makes envelopes tricky business and even small boxes can cost an arm and a leg... this is mainly why I'd rather send a decent collection of bits and bobs instead of single parts. :/ More bang for the buck and so on. I'd proposed this a while back but only just now have reconsidered, as I really do need to unload this stuff. |D

Stuff I'm considering for the slab also includes an intact silver/black-painted Hasbro Gojulas Giga, a Hasbro Genobreaker missing its crusher arms and guns, a repainted, slightly damaged Hasbro Dark Spiner with guns missing, and possibly a repainted Hasbro Death Stinger, intact and simply repainted with Testors paint. The motorized bits, I'm not sure about, I rarely used that feature, though I know Giga's batteries were about gone the last time I used him (the roar and stomps sounded cooler slowed down though lol)

I'll try to take inventory at some point and maybe even get some pictures for y'all to look over. I'm feeling pretty sick and I ended up doing chores since my brain isn't working so nicely for me. =u=;

Just thought I'd pop a little heads-up thingy here let y'all be aware I'm scheming Zoid stuff before I do anything on Ebay or suchlike. I'll figure out prices and stuff, also.

I'll accept Paypal payment only.
No points, as I'd really rather not give deviantART anything after their recent anti-paypal payment overhaul. :/
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Llama for llama?
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